Partner with alliance health Covid-19 Testing for Hotels


Enhance customer experience & keep your employees safe. Provide Monkeypox testing, Antigen, Antibody, RT PCR COVID tests with quick results—right in your lobby!

Partner with alliance health Covid-19 Testing for Hotels

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Sign up in no time! Alliance Health keeps your employees & hotel guests safe with RT-PCR COVID-19 tests & Monkeypox testing of the highest standard.

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Partner with alliance health Covid-19 Testing for Hotels

Schedule On-Site Testing

Coordinate with us to set up COVID-19 & Monkeypox tests right by or in your hotel!

COVID-19 Testing Consierge

Offer Guests PCR Tests


Get free creative assets from us to offer COVID & Monkeypox tests in your lobby!

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Build Customer Loyalty


Build customer loyalty with travelers by increasing the value of their stay.

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COVID Tests For Your Guests

Alliance offers 2 different RT-PCR tests—both approved for travel.
Offer guests PCR results in as little as 30 Minutes!

Covid-19 testing

Same-day RT-PCR Approved for International Travel

Results Guaranteed within 24 Hours

Our standard PCR test delivers quick & reliable results for free with insurance or Cares Act coverage. We guarantee results within 24 hours but most patients get them within just 6-8 hours, on the very same day.

Covid-19 testing

Rapid Results RT-PCR Approved for International Travel

Results in 30 Mins

The CDC mandates a negative PCR result 3 days before international flights. Perfect for travelers, this rapid option delivers RT-PCR results approved for travel in just 30 minutes!

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COVID-19 & Monkeypox Testing
Mobile Service

Mobile service for all COVID-19 & Monkeypox tests

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Join Alliance in our effort to expand access to quick & convenient COVID-19 & Monkeypox testing in Florida & New York—starting in your lobby or parking lot.

    Partnership Benefits

    Alliance is with you every step of the way, helping you offer convenient & reliable COVID & Monkeypox tests to your guests.

    Mobile Testing

    Partners can schedule Mobile COVID or Monkeypox Testing in their lobbies or parking lots with Alliance Health—at the most convenient dates and times for your guests & employees.

    Dedicated Team

    You’ll have access to our team of Lab Techs at, with an open line of communication to answer any questions or troubleshoot any concerns.

    Convenient for Guests

    Enhance your customer service by offering a convenient option for guests who need PCR results quickly for travel, business, or personal reasons.

    Promotional Materials

    Receive branded creative assets from us, making it effortless for your concierge to inform your guests about onsite COVID-19 & Monkeypox tests available.

    Who Can Partner With Alliance?

    If you provide dining or accommodation, especially to tourists or travelers,
    partnering with Alliance will help customers feel safe.

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    Private Jet & Yacht Charters

    Childrens in school

    Camps & Schools

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    Travel Agencies


    Esthetic Med Spa

    Our Locations

    Prefer to avoid on-site testing? With our testing centers & testing areas, we may very well have a location nearby where your guests can get tested conveniently.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Alliance Health Partners Program?

    It’s a way for businesses to partner with Alliance Health & offer convenient COVID19 tests to customers. With international travel returning to pre-pandemic numbers, business travelers, vacationing guests, & employees need PCR test results to get on their flights!

    As a partner, you can schedule Mobile testing with Alliance in your parking lot! You’ll also get a sign from Alliance to place in your lobby, which will display the available PCR tests to guests.

    By offering readily available PCR tests and results in just 30 minutes, you’ll enhance the value of your guest’s stay with little to no effort!

    Who is eligible to join the Alliance Partners Program?

    Any company serving clients with a demand for COVID-19 tests is free to join.

    It’s especially helpful for hotels, as guests & employees need to prioritize speed & convenience when choosing a COVID-19 PCR test for travel.

    Can Alliance Health come test guests & employees at my hotel?

    Yes! At no cost to you, we’ll conduct mobile testing in your parking lot or set up a testing area in your lobby—whichever you prefer.