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Wound Сare

Open wounds, or damaged areas of skin are prone to bacterial infections. They may disseminate throughout the body and endanger overall health. Wound testing allows medical providers to quickly select biocides and antibiotics to support normal wound healing.

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Wound Testing Options

Bacterial culture that normally inhabits the skin and wound surfaces can bring substantial harm to one’s state if it gets into the internal epithelial tissues. Don’t risk your health — get wound testing today.

Wound Care Panel

The comprehensive wound bacterial сulture testing line that screens for a total of 24 targets.

Tests for:

  • Candida albicans
  • Proteus vulgaris
  • Proteus mirabilis
  • and many more


  • We accept all insurance plans.
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    will reach you prior to the appointment to deem neсessity.
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How Do You Get a Wound Bacterial Infection?

The wound is the damage that involves punctuation of laceration of the skin. Because of it, microbiota may get under the epithelial tissue and even enter the bloodstream, causing massive damage to an infected body part. In later stages, it spreads through the body leading to extremely severe consequences, including tissue necrosis and gangrene and then eventually multiple organ system failure (MOSF).

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Common Symptoms of wound infection.

Here is the list of common wound culture infection symptoms that a person may experience.

Pus or cloudy fluid from the wound

Wound does not heal

Long-lasting pain


Loss of function or movement

Dizziness and weakness

Redness around the wound

Swelling of the wounded area

Typically, the adverse effects are hard to miss. If you experience one or more of them, you should immediately contact your medical provider and get tested, so you can be prescribed antibiotics and biocides as soon as possible.

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How It Works

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Select a lab location and time

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Arrive and get tested

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Receive results via email

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Treatment for Wound Infections

In most cases, a surgery complemented with antibiotics treatment is an optimal way to cure the wound infection and, respectively, the wound itself. But testing for wound bacterial culture is due since it helps in deciding on the best fit antibiotic treatment.

Besides, there are ways in which an infected individual may mitigate wound infection symptoms and assist the course of healing. The methods here include:
  • Natural antiseptics, including tea tree oil, marigold, and lavender oil.
  • Pain relievers taken as per instructions or prescriptions.
  • Not touching the infection with hands and not exposing the wound.
  • Don’t drain yourself to not increase contamination.
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